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1. Soviet Russian Stories of the 1960'a and 1970's Progress Publishers, 1977 This book has been prepared by Progress Publishers jointly with Soviet Literature magazine, which is printed in Moscow in nine foreign languagesand is distributed in nearly a hundred countries.  It consists of translations into English of contemporary Russian stories which have appeared in Soviet Literature and have won the approval of the foreign reading public. The book includes the work of Muscovites Mikhail Alexeyev, Sergei Kruitlin, Nikolai Evdokimov and Yuri Nagibin, Siberans Victor Astafiev and Valentin Rasputin and Evgeni Nosov from the Kursk region.  These outstanding Russian prose-writers are popular at home and their books have been translated into many languages of the Soviet peoples.  (Stock ref 96) £0.00


2. The Complete Wedding Handbook Ward Lock, 1994 Your wedding day is the most important day of your life, a major celebration - but also a mammoth feat of organization! The Complete Wedding Handbook takes you step-by-step through every stage of planning the big day, from booking the ceremony, arranging an engagement party, choosing bridesmaids and a best man, through to the reception, the honeymoon and after.  Everything you need to know, in fact, to make the day run as smoothly as possible and leave you free to get on and enjoy it.  (Stock ref 87) £9.99


3. .Kenneth Ullyett: British Clocks And Clockmakers Bracken Books 1987 History of clocks and clockmakers.  (Stock ref 1) £4.50


4. Alastair Fowler: Catacomb Suburb Poems Edinburgh University Press, 1976 This is Alastair Fowler's first book of verse.  Its singular constructs are tentative yet deliberate experiments in patterns of words and thoughts, fabricated, from a huge clutter of improbable sources.  With its multiplicity of things, words as things, semantic rhymes, practical and scientific vocabulary, and its intricate stylistic activities, this is verymuch urban poetry.  (Stock ref 75) £5.00


5. Alice Goldfarb Marquis: Hopes And Ashes: The Birth Of Modern Times A Division Of Macmillian Inc. 1986 Hopes And Ashes is the story of those momentous transformations and of the democratic mass culture they helped shape.  Wih a historian's precision and a novelist's eye, Alice Goldfarb Marquis paints the paradoxes of the period: the reckless mingling of high culture and low, when Texaco put opera on the air, poets wrote for Fortune magazine, Samuel Goldwyn sparred with Lillian Hellman, and General Motors built utopian models of the future.  And here are the gaudy optimists who shrugged at economic disaster: pioneering market researchers and magazine tycoons, Hollywood's resentful writers and New York's museum missionaries, scotch-and-story newscasters and maverick industrial designers.  (Stock ref 12) £19.95


6. Angela Lansbury: Wedding Etiquette Ward Lock, 1994 When planning a wedding, it is useful to have some guidelines on the question of etiquette.  When you are in doubt about what to wear and say, or where and when to stand and sit.  When nerves are often strained after weeks of preparation, details of procedure are immensely important.  This book will answer your questions and ensure that a happy day is had by all.  (Stock ref 19) £3.99


7. Anne Valery: Baron Von Kodak, Shirley Temple And Me. Peter Owen Limted, 1976 Anne Valerym who as Anne Valaoritis was a well know figure in the Fitzrovia of the forties, is also the me of these witty and perceptive reminiscences of a London childhood in the twenties and thirties.  Baron von Kodak and Shirley Temple are some of the characters - real and imaginary - that people the young Anne's fantasies and provide aliases for herself and her best friend Primrose in their various adventures together.  (Stock ref 72) £6.50


8. Anthony Grey: The Bulgarian Exclusive Pan Books, 1998 An assignment in Sophia turns into an extremely rocky ride for BAPA reporter Jonathan Robson, sent to cover the Bulgarian Communist Party Congress.Is he a journalist or a spy?  Many would like to know the answer.  Asking 'unnecsessary' questions has always been Robson's stock in trade...But this time he could be in way over his head.  (Stock ref 65) £4.50


9. Anthony Grey: The German Stratagem Pan Books, 1998 Every year three teax-dodging multimillionaires hold a vital business meeting in no-man's land: a plane flying high above the Atlantic.  Until, that is, they are betrayed in the crossfire of East-West intelligence...Their one ally is a newspaperman hiding his cowardice behind a veneer of cynicism - but not his desire for the beautiful and arrogant daughter of one of the trio.  (Stock ref 64) £4.50


10. Anthony Grey: The Naked Angels Macmillion London Limited, 1990 The Cold War is over.  Almost overnight the two most powerful enemies in the world become friends.  But did this earth-shaking happening take place before or after the President of the United States' sudden disappearance in Berlin? Or during?  And did it really take the most sexually alluring woman in all of human history to make him change his mind? A woman who was prepared to do the same - if necessary - to another desperate, ageing male in Moscow?  (Stock ref 63) £3.50


11. Anthony Smith: Wilderness George Allen & Unwin Ltd, 1978 What happens when you set off to visit every remaining wilderness area on this planet? When you itinerary takes you to the world's largest ice sheet, its greatest forest, its most exstensive swamp, its deserts, its highest mountain range, its tundra. From the equator to both the polar circles Anthony Smtih made a journey on a breath-taking scale and here he presents his conclusions.  (Stock ref 48) £4.50


12. Barry R. Clarke: Test Your Puzzle Power Ward Lock, 1994 These igenious brain teasers include matchstick puzzles, logical mind benders, word conundrums and algebraic problems.  Discover what happens when the Chompem Cannibals of Drybone Island give a dinner party.  Find out what Hooray Henry and Willie the Wimp received in the town of Little Cranium.  And who lived on Fantasy Island at  Cobblers Castle with either the Sugar Plum Fairy or the Wicked Queen?  No mind will be left unteased as you solve these entertaining puzzles!  (Stock ref 20) £3.99


13. Bo Jeffares: The Artist In 19th Century English Fiction Colin Smythe, 1979 In this work, Dr Jeffares shows that the artist - the painter or sculptor - was an extremely popular figure in nineteenth century English fiction. Good and Bad novels alike show that the fictional artist appealed to popular aswell as intellectual imagination,  Fictional artists embodied many elements of the romantic myth:  in them the student of romanticism finds for example, a comprehensive symbol of the bohemian outcast and the suffering creator.  (Stock ref 76) £7.50


14. C. Bendon Roberts: Letters From John Cowper Powys to C. Benson Roberts Village Press, 1975 It is only after much hesitation and some friendly pressure that I am persuaded to release these letter for publication for the sole reason, one that will be immediately obvious to the reader, that many of them are couched in an exaggerated and even fulsome vein.  'I have a deep superstitious mania for trying to make every living entity I encounter think more highley of itself'.  This saintly habit is less embarrassing when applied to those who have deservedly earned a niche in their countrymen's esteem for contributions to art, literature or society, but when the adulation is applied to an obscure individual like myself and I say it without any sense of false modesty, while the generous motive has to be acknowledged, the flattery has to be resisted.  Even so well known a public figure and contributor to the arts as Dr. Iorweth Peate, who appears in these pages, is sometimes put to the blush as when in his recently published 'John Cowper Powys, Letters 1937-54' he refers to Powys's 'embarrassingly genrerous' comments and quotes  Louis Marlow's remark that it was 'natural to  J. C. Powys to transform into qualities of genius the qualities of every person he knew well'.  This habit of uncritical adulation is not insincere; but is actuated by a genuine desire to please.  God bless him!  (Stock ref 83) £5.00


15. Carolyn C. Wilson: Renaissance Small Bronze Sculpture and Associated Decorative Arts at the National Gallery of Art Board of Trustees, National Gallery of Art, -  (Stock ref 46) £3.00


16. Cecil Beaton: British Photo-Graphers Bracken Books 1987 The history of photographers and photography in Britain.  Everything you'll need to know.  (Stock ref 7) £4.50


17. Cecilia Sempill: English Pottery and China Bracken Books, 1987 Aimed for people who like pottery.  Understand the history and origins of pottery and china in England.  (Stock ref 5) £4.50


18. Charles Berlitz: The Dragon's Triangle Grafton Books 1991 In The Dragon's Triangle, Charles Berlitz - whose The Bermuda Triangle stunned millions of readers - now reveals the secrets of another, more menacing, infinitely more dangerous body of water in a section of the Pacific known only as the Devil's Sea.  (Stock ref 53) £3.50


19. Charles Causley: The Ballad of Aucassin and Nicolette Penguin Books, 1981 Presenting a play in three acts full of poetry, romance, wit, and comedy: the story of the seemingly hopeless love of Aucassin for NIcolette, and Nicolette for Aucassin!  (Stock ref 95) £4.95


20. Colin Greenland: The Entropy Exhibition Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983 Michael Moorcock edited and produced the magazine New Worlds from 1964 to 1973.  Within its pages he encouraged the development of new kinds of popular writing out of the genre of science fiction, energetically reworking traditional themes, images and styles as a radical response to the crisis of modern fiction.  The essential paradox of the new writing lay in its fascination with 'entropy' - the universal and irreversable decline of energy into disorder.  Entropy provides the key both to the anarchic vitality of the magazine and to its neglect by critics and academics, as well as its intimate connection with other cultural experiments of the 1960's.  The fiction of the New Worlds writers, who included Brian Aldiss, J. G. Ballard and Moorcock himself, was not concerned withthe far future and outer space, but with the ambiguous and unstable conditions of the modern world.  As Ballard put it: 'The only truly alien planet is Earth.'  (Stock ref 58) £8.50


21. David Blamiers: Herzog Ernest and the Otherworld Voyage Manchester University Press, 1979 The story of Herzog Ernest was extremely popular in medieval Germany; it is known in four complete and two fragmentary German versions, as well as in other languages.  It concerns the struggle between the emperor Otte and his stepson Ernst, who is forced to flee Germany with his devoted friend Wetzel.  They set off on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, but on the journey are driven astray by storms and undergo a series of tests and encounters with strange monsters.  (Stock ref 77) £0.00


22. David Leitch: Deadline: Collected Journalism Harrap Limited, 1984 David Leitch is the author of The Discriminating Thief, an investigation of art robberies in France, and co-author with Bruce Page and Phillip Knightley of Philby: The Spy Who Betrayed a Generation.  His autobiography, God Stand Up for Bastards, appeared in 1973 and the second volume, Family Secrets, has just been published.  (Stock ref 43) £12.50


23. David Magarshack: Turgenev's Literacy Reminiscences and Autobiographical Fragments Faber and Faber Limited, 1959 These fascinating memoirs were written over a century ago.  They give us  Ivan Turgenev's views on the art of writing, the role of the artist, in society, and his attitude to the controversial social and political issues of his day.  Much of what he says is as relevant in the 1980's as it was when he wrote it.  (Stock ref 49) £3.50


24. E. B. Greendwood: Tolstoy: The Comprehensive Vision Methuen & Co. Ltd, 1980 Best known as the creator of such superb characters as Pierre Bezukhov and Anna Karenina, Tolstoy was as much a philosopher as a novelist.  From the enteries in his early diaries through to the short stories and great novels he was attempting to answer an extraodinary range of fundamental questions.  (Stock ref 36) £6.00


25. E. Barington Haynes: Glass Through the Ages Penguin Books Ltd, 1948 After an introductory pilgrimage through history, glancing at the glassmakers of Egypt, Syria and Rome, this book goes on to discuss the glass and glassmakers of the later Western and Byzantine Empires, of the Islamic countries, of Venice, and of Western Europe, particularly Germany, the Low Countries, France and England.  It explainsthe process of glass decoration and describes in greater detail the glassmaking of England before and during the Stuart and Hanoverian periods, with special chapters on Jacobite and Commemorative glass.  (Stock ref 22) £4.50


26. E. Nesbit: New Treasure Seekers Penguin Group,1996 Oswald, Dora, Dicky, Alice, H.O. and Noel fill their free time with entertainments that don't always turn out as they plan.  But whether telling fortunes at a fete, unwittingly assisting an elopement, reforming their nasty cousin Archibald or even getting arrested, it is all good fun, and usually in a good cause.  (Stock ref 38) £4.99


27. Eva Simmons: Augustan Literature: From 1660 to 1789 Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd, 1994 Augustan Literature re-examines the shifting meaning of Augustanismand provides both thorough descriptions of and contemporary critical approaches to, texts from major male and female writers including Dryden, Behn, Astell, Swift, Pope, Richardson, Centlivre, Walpole, Goldsmith, Sheridan, Burney, and many others.  (Stock ref 33) £7.99


28. Felix Moscheles: Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Books For Libraries Press,1970 The letters addressed by Felix Medelssohn to my father came into my possession in 1870.  After Mendelssohn's death my father had carefully arranged them in special manuscript book, and had supplemented them with an index of the contents and a table showing the dates of the principal events in the life of his departed friend.  (Stock ref 80) £3.50


29. Frank Norman: Banana Boy The Hogarth Press, 1987 Over the years, many a lonely child has been ushered through the 'Ever-Open Door' of Dr Barnardo's.  Few have emerged like Frank Norman.  An incorrigible drifter, ex-con, Soho wide-boy, darling of the Swinging Sixties, Norman led a short but startling life - yet, as this eye-opening memoir shows, even he was stunned by the revelations in hisconfidential Barnardo's file.  (Stock ref 74) £3.50


30. Frederick Garber: Thoreau's Redemptive Imagination New York University, 1977 In this volume, Frederick Garber identifies and examines Thoreau's essentially Romantic belief in the transformation of nature into consciousness as a redemptive act, redemptive both for nature and for the human self.  He analyzes this belief in the context of Thoreau's constant concern with the adequacy of the imagination, it's ability to control and use the experience which American nature offered to it.  Concentrating on those texts which clarify the successes and frustrations of Thoreau's redemptive imagination as it seeks to make a place for the self in American nature, Garber illuminates Thoreau's unique modes of organizing his experience of the world.  He also focuses attention on a number of closely related but key issues: Thoreau's sense of the order and content of the self, his understanding of the meeting of consciousness and nature in the American landscape, and the persistent delight and ultimate frustration which resulted from that meeting.  (Stock ref 27) £0.00


31. Frederick M. Keener: English Dialogues Of The Dead Columbia University Press, 1973 This unusual volume, the first book in English on its subject, chronicles the life and fortunes of a classical literary genre now almost unknown but once, especially in the eighteenth century, quite commonplace and even popular.  English Dialogues of the Dead describes the history of the genre from its ancient inception, concentrating on its seventeenth century evolution from hellish satire and its subsequent flourishing in the hands of Matthew Prior and his contemporariesm, then sketching its later history  up to and including inpublished twentieth-century dialogue of the dead by Lytton Strachey.  The book uncludes a check list of titles published in  English between 1641 and 1907 and an ample anthology of the best and most representative examples of hte form.  (Stock ref 93) £0.00


32. Geoff Tibballs: The Boxtree Encylopedia Of TV Detectives Boxtree, 1992 This comprehensive volume brings together for the first time all the essential information on television detective programmes.  Covering more than 250 series, both British and international, this fascinating, well-written encylopedia features all the police detectives, amateur sleuths and private investigations that have entertained us since television began.  (Stock ref 94) £16.50


33. Geoff Ward: Romantic Literature: From 1790 to 1830 Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 1994 Romatic Literature provides both thorough description of and contemporary critical to, texts from Blake, Wordsworth and Coleridge, to Byron, Shlley, Keats and their successes.  (Stock ref 32) £7.99


34. Geoffery Clive: The Broken Icon The Macmillion Company, 1972 It is fashionable today, in a materialistic age when traditional beliefs have been discredited, to call oneself an existentialist.  The term is applied variously to a school of philosophy, a literary movement, a life-style, and an expression of contemporary anguish.  Professor Clive, in this brilliant study, clarifies the meaning of intuitive existentialism by showing how the great classical writers of Russia presage our contemporary concerns through the torments of the heroes of their novels.  (Stock ref 73) £6.00


35. Gertrude R. Hance: The Zulu Yesterday And Today Fleming H. Revell Co., 1916 The charm about Africa lies in what we do not know about it; and it seems to be true that the more we learn of that mysterious country, the more intense becomes our interest in it and in its people.  Always there remains something we do not know, so that almost unaccountable fascination lingers about a new book dealing with this subject.  (Stock ref 61) £8.50


36. Glenys Roberts: Bardot Sidgwick & Jackson Limited, 1984 Glenys Roberts's biography of Brigitte Bardot is the definitive and most revealing book ever written about the French superstar.  (Stock ref 45) £7.50


37. Guy Paget: Sporting Pictures Of England Bracken Books 1987 The history  of sporting in England.  (Stock ref 3) £4.50


38. H. J. Paris: English Watercolour Painters Bracken Books 1987 For people who are interested in art, this book contains history on English watercolour painters.  (Stock ref 4) £4.50


39. Hans H. Strupp: Psychotherapy: Clinical Research, And Theoretical Issues Jason Aronson Inc, 1973 Psychological therapy information.  (Stock ref 17) £8.50


40. Howars Fast: Freedom Road The World Publishing Company, 1947 This is a novel by the author of Citizen Tom Paine and The Last Frontier. It's setting is the Reconstruction period in the South-Fast's first novel of that period.  It is a book of extraordinary power, compassion and resolve-a book of another time for our time, and proof once more of the magnification quiet strength of American writing at its best.  (Stock ref 34) £3.50


41. Imanuel Geiss: German Foreign Policy 1871 - 1914 Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1976 This analysis of the foreign policy of the German Empire from its foundation in 1871 to the first months of the First World War focuses upon those factors and actions that help to explain the outbreak of war in August 1914.  It combines the discussion of domestic factors with an outline of major diplomatic actions at crucial periods of international relations during this period.  (Stock ref 60) £9.50


42. J. Anderson Black: Nostradamus:  The Prophecies Greenwhich Editions, 1998 No other prophet in history made predicitons across such a vast time-span as did Nostradamus; and no other prophet has been proved so consistently right.  From his own lifetime in the 16th century to right here and now, the predictions he made over 400 hundred years ago never cease to amaze, covering as they do everything from the French revolution in the 18th century to the rise of fascism in the 1930s and the possible nuclear war of the future.  (Stock ref 78) £6.00


43. J. V. Stalin: Works: Volume 13 Lawrence and Wishart Ltd, 1955 Work places and standards in Russia.  (Stock ref 18) £0.00


44. James Carney: Early Irish Poetry The Mercier Press, 1965 Early Irish Poetry, from 600 to 1200 A.D, is one of the most interesting literary phenomena in Western Europe.  In pre-Christian Ireland poetry had a quasi-religious function and was practised by the druidic order.  The poetry that has survived represents the impact of Christian thought upon druidry.  (Stock ref 55) £1.95


45. Jane Austen: Sense And Sensibility Oxford University Press 1980 While the story centres on the personalities of the two sisters, whose contrasting temperaments are examined as they undergo comparable experiences in the loss of the men they love, it rejoices also in a wealth of minor characters and incidents, described with Jane Austen's typical witty insight and humour.  (Stock ref 8) £3.50


46. Jane Thomas: Victorian Literature: From 1830 to 1900 Bloomsbury Publishing Ltd, 1994 Victorian Literature provides both thorough description of and contemporary cirtical approaches to, texts produced in the period dominated by the sixty year reign of Queen Victoria whose name became synonymous with the spirit of the age ehich produced the Bontes, the Brownings, Tennyson, Dickens, Eliot and Hardy.  (Stock ref 31) £7.99


47. Janet Siltanen & Michelle Stanworth: Women and the Public Sphere Hutchinson & Co, 1984 Politics, whether electoral or work-based, is concerned with the public sphere, the man's realm : the woman's sphere is private and therefore apolitical.  This is still the conventional widsom of most political science and political sociology and is the porduct of traditions of thought which are in both their theoretical and empirical dimensions, rooted in masculine experience.  In this book, Janet Siltanen and Michelle Stanworth bring together a collection of essays which challenge this portrait of women's relations to politics and show it to be profoundly mistaken.  The authors demonstrate how all the traditions of political analysis have failed to take into account women's capacity for political analysis have failed to take into account women's capacity for political action and thought, and argue for a reconstruction of political analysis which recognizes the importance of gender.  (Stock ref 97) £6.95


48. Jay Parini: John Steinbeck: A Biography William Heinemann, 1994 When John Steinbeck died in 1968, he was prehaps the most popular  American novelist in the world, although his reputation among critics was by no means certain.  His Nobel Prize for literature in 1964 has done nothing to appease his critics, but Steinback never lost his admirers.  Today he remains unfailingly attractive to readers of all ages and levels of sophistication.  (Stock ref 79) £20.00


49. Jim Crace: The Gift Of Stones Secker & Warburg, 1988 Before the advent of bronze, a village of stoneworkers survive by the supremacy of their skills, unmoved by change in the world around them.  But there is a storyteller among them who can deny their complacency.  From the unknown he summons a woman whose defiant survival will threaten them all: and whose death will foretell the demise of their order - the coming of metal and the end of stone...  (Stock ref 68) £3.50


50. John Arden: To Present The Pretence Eyre Methuen, 1977 This book is John Arden's own selection of his writings on and about the theatre over the past twelve years, complex with his own astute, provocative and nicely ironic commentary.  Two of the essays are composed in collaboration with Margaretta D'Arcy, thus reflecting the dual nature of his work for the stage, which has included an impressive body of plays written together with D'Arcy (from The Business of Good Government in 1960 to such recent large-scale epics as The Island of the Mighty and The Non-Stop Connolly Show), as well as his own more personal work, such as Live Like Pigs, Serjeant Musgrave's Dance and Armstrong's Last Goodnight.  (Stock ref 99) £2.50


51. John Collingwhood Bruce: The Bayeux Tapestry:  The Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest Bracken Books, 1987 Some nine hundred years old, the Bayeux Tapestry remains among the mot fascinating and attractive historical documents in the western world.  A vigorous and dramatically affective record of one of the great events that shaped British history, the Tapestry is also a veritable storehouse of information about life in the eleventh century.  In this classic study, the reader can explore, with expert guidance, the details revealed in the seventy-two scenes of the picture-strip.  (Stock ref 85) £16.95


52. Jonathan Golderg: Voice Terminal Echo Methuen & Co, 1986 Voice Terminal Echo examines a set of English Renaissance texts - by Shakespeare, Spenser, Herbert, Marvell and Milton - through the theoretical matrix of postmodern thought.  After an opening chapter which argues for the value of this conjunction as a way of understanding literary history, subsequent chapters draw upon Jaques Derrida's deconstruction of phonocentrism and Jacques readings, beginning with an extensive intertextual analysis of Marvell's "They Nymph complaining for the death of her Faun" as a reflection of the problem of the relation of the voice of the author to the text.  This problem is further considered as an analysis of Spenser's initial authorial gesture - the dispersion of the author in The Shepheardes Calendar - as well as in Herbert's representation of the scene of writing in The Temple and Milton's encounter with his predecessors (especially Spenser and Shakespeare) in the course of his career.  (Stock ref 82) £0.00


53. Jonathan Keates: Stendhall Sinclair-Stevenson,1994 Jonathan Keates' marvellous biography traces the life of Stenhal, from his early days in Grenoble, through to his life in Paris and the long periods he spent in Italy.  He shows us the writer in his various incarnations, as gallant and resourceful soldier during Napolean's retreat from Moscow, the gladfly journalist among the glittering Paris salons, the friend of Balzac, Delacroix and the Empress Eugenie and the eternally romantic lover in pursuit of ideal happiness.  He examines Stendhal's work - much of which has been shamefully neglected - and presents us with a fascinating image of the author of Le Rouge et le Noir and La Chartreuse de Parme.  (Stock ref 52) £20.00


54. Joseph Heller: Catch 22 Vintage, 1994 Hilarious and tragic, at the heart of CATCH - 22 is a savage indictment of twentieth century madness, and a desire of the ordinary man to survive it.  (Stock ref 37) £5.50


55. Joyce Irene Whalley: Pliny the Elder - HISTORIA NATURALS Oregon Press Limited, 1982 Joyce Irene Whalley introduces the book with an account of Pliny's life, a description of the Victoria and Albert Museum manuscript, and a brief account of the work and its importance in European culture. She then accompanies each illustration witha description of the fifteenth-century practices that are depicted, with referenceto the relevent Book in the Pliny text.  (Stock ref 50) £6.50


56. Judith Wilt: The Readable People of GEORGE MEREDITH Princeton University Press, 1975 Judith Wilt will teach readers to read Meredith with far greater appreaciation and understanding than heretofore.  The book develops fresh and valuable ideas about the act of reading fiction, about our relationship to an author's fictive agents." - U. C. Knoepflmacher, University of California, Berkley.  (Stock ref 88) £0.00


57. Kenneth Quinn: Texts And Contexts: The Roman Writers And Their Audience Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd 1979 'It would be a stupid and unpardonably purblind to refuse Quinn the credit of an eye-opening, complacency-shattering, freshness of insight.  He is still a sort of enfant terrible, but he is an enfant terrible who tells the truth.  If the classics are yet to be killed by the poposity and stuffiness of classicists, Quinn at least will have established his innocence.  In the good old phrase, he comes like a breath of fresh hair.' - Brooks Otis, Classical Journal  (Stock ref 10) £7.50


58. Laurette Sejourne: Burning Water Thames And Hudson Ltd, 1957 No figure in the mythology of the New World has so fascinated travellers,artists and archiologists as Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent of ancient Mexico's Toltec civilization.  In this remarkable book, Laurette Sejourne, a notes archaeologist, retells the fundamental myths that were the cornerstone on which the Aztecs, who conquered the Toltecs, based and developed their own extraordianry culture.  (Stock ref 28) £2.50


59. Marion Wynne-Davies: The Renaissance: From 1500 to 1660 Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 1994 The Renaissance provides both thorough description of, and contemporary critical approaches to, texts from Spenser to Milton, from Shakespeare to Jonson and from Sir Thomas More to Elizabeth I.  (Stock ref 30) £7.99


60. Marketa Luskacova: Pilgrims Victoria & Albert Museum, 1983 This catalogue only briefly suggests the complexity of the terrain in modern history, circumstances and local fact.  This is in keeping with the photogapher's desire for a catalogue which should be a visual record of the exhibition held here in the winter of 1983-84.  The sensitivity of the photographs and their subject is the silent voice that needs no polemical bldgeon.  (Stock ref 23) £0.00


61. Michael Blate: The G-Jo Institute Manual of Medicinal Herbs Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1983 The uses of leaves, roots and barks, the herbal medicines of anture, are considered the be essential knowledge by most natural healers.  This concise manual contains the knowledge you will need to use more than 70 common medicinal herbs: methods of taking or applying these natural substances most effectively, their historical uses, local as well as botanical names, and much more.  (Stock ref 70) £3.95


62. Monroe H. Fabian: On Stage Mayflower Books, Inc., 1980 The playwright leaves behind a play, the composer a score, the performer - a performance.  The great performance comes down to us  as echo and reecho or criticism and applause, the performer as memory as seen in the imaginative work of other artists - the portrait painter, sculptor, graphic artist, photographer.  These skillful images bring us close to the essence of a presence and a performance.  They form the heart of On Stage.  (Stock ref 11) £16.00


63. Nicholas Kenyon: Simon Rattle: The Making of a Conductor Faber and Faber Limited 1989 Nick Kenyon's hugely successful book describes a year in the life of Simon Rattle, the most startingly gifted young conductor of his generation.  Kenyon interviews family, friends and colleagues, analyses Rattle's and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra's inventive and courageous programming, and most importantly talks to Rattle himself.  Rattle speaks frankly about his hopes for the future and looks back at the meteoric rise which has made him one of the most sought-after conductors in the world.  (Stock ref 13) £6.50


64. Nicolas Freeling: Those In Peril Andre Deutsch Limited, 1990 -  (Stock ref 35) £6.00


65. Norris Houghton: Great Russian Short Stories Dell Publishing, 1958 From romaticism to realism, nineteenth-century Russian fiction gave the world masterworks of the imagination form such authors as Pushkin, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Gorky and Turgenev.  This outstanding collection now allows readers to experience their themes, styles, and characters in thirteen carefully slescted short stories - tales that fully reveal the quintessential nature of the Russian writer creating under the tsars.  (Stock ref 67) £6.50


66. P. G. Wodehouse: Carry On, Jeeves Vintage, 1991 In these ten classic stories the imperturbable Jeeves is most definately in his element.  Whether protecting Wooster in the case of Uncle Willoughby's embarrassing manuscript or suggesting an all-too-successful solution to the problem of Corkyand his inimitable magic time and time again...And thanks to Jeeves' good offices even Aunt Agatha cannot prevent Bertie from coming out on top.  (Stock ref 40) £5.50


67. P. G. Wodehouse: Jeeves Takes Charge Vintage, 1991 Since the day Jeeves streamed over the portal and into Bertie's life, the jolly old needle on the Wooster luck baramoeter has held steady.  (Stock ref 39) £5.50


68. Paul Johnson: Political Anecdotes Oxford University Press, 1986 Renowned journalist and bestselling author Paul Johnson here presents some three hundred anecdotes and informative commentaries from Richard III's murder of the princes in the Tower of London to a final frosty scene between Jim Callaghan and Barbara Castle.  (Stock ref 69) £17.95


69. Peter Ackroyd: The House of Doctor Dee Penguin Group, 1993 'He is such a master of mood, of tension, angst, foreboding, frisson but also of tenderness and exaltation, that one is drawn into his tale as by a magus' - Sunday Telegraph'Our most exciting and original writer...one of the few English writers of his generation who will be read in a hundred years' time.' - Sunday Times  (Stock ref 92) £6.00


70. Peter Mark Roget: Roget's Thesaurus of English Words And Phrases Bloomsbury Books, 1992 Roget's Thesaurus is indispensable to anyone using words, at work or at home, at school, college or university; whether writing reports, essays or letters, solving crosswords or playing other word games.Roget's Thesaurus will always provide you with an alternative word, a more precise word, or the word that is just on the tip of your tongue.  (Stock ref 26) £3.50


71. Peter Philp: Furniture Of The World Octopus Books Limited, 1974 This is a survey of furniture from the simplest forms, serving the needs of primitave peoples, to the sophistication of the masterpieces of the eighteenth century and the new styles of today made possible by the use of modern materials.  (Stock ref 15) £7.50


72. Peter Walker: Staying Power Bloomsbury Publishing Limited, 1991 The life story of Britain's longest-serving Cabinet Minister since Winston Churchill.  (Stock ref 44) £12.50


73. Philip J. Carter & Ken A. Russell: The New IQ Test Ward Lock, 1994 Each test has ten parts with a variety of challenging puzzles designed to test your knowledge of language, powers of logical reasoning and understanding of relationships, patterns and designs.  There is a time limit for completing each part of a test and a score rating so you can assess your IQ Full answers - if you need them -are given at the end of each test.  (Stock ref 21) £3.99


74. R. E. Hawkins: Encylopedia of Indian Natural History Oxford University Press, 1986 Revealing the vast range complexity of life forms and all their wonderful adaptations, the Encylopedia of Indian Natural History provides general readers, students and conservations with a fascinating survey of one of the most exotic natural habitats in the world.  (Stock ref 14) £35.00


75. R. G. Whisker & Pamela Dixon: The Soybean Grow And Cook Book Duckworth, 1978 Pamela Dixon is a journalist and cookery writer specialising in natural foods and the uses of herbs, fruit and vegetables.  Her recipes show how soybeans can help you to make delicious and economical dishes high in nutritional value - everything from soups and savouries to cakes and desserts.  (Stock ref 62) £1.25


76. R. M. Ballantyne: The Coral Island and the Young Fur Traders Octopus Books Limited, 1979 Shipwrecked and cast-up on an uninhabited South Sea island, Ralph Rover and his friends Jack Martin and Peterkin are immediately plunged into the kind of adventures every boy dreams of.  They are attacked and kidnapped bu pirates, they fall into the clutches of cannibals and they make a desperate attempt to rescue a native girl from the cannibal chief.  The island itself is a paradise of coral reefs, lakes and lagoons, palm trees, tropical flowers, rocks and crashing seas.  (Stock ref 81) £2.95


77. R. Morley-Pegge: The French Horn Ernest Benn Limited, 1973 It is very gratifying to the author that enough interest has been shown in the history of the horn to warrant a second editon of this book.  Since its original publication a lot of research has been undertaken into what, for lack of a better word, I must call artisitic horn playing.  The fruit of this research, the work of Dr Horace  Fitzpatrick, is recorded in his book The Horn and Horn-Playing and the Austro-Bohemian Tradition: 1680-1830.  Much new light has been shed on am aspect of the horn's history hitherto shrouded in fog.  I am thus able in this edition to correct a few dates and include in the biographical section one or two early players and teachers about whom I previously had insufficient information.  (Stock ref 59) £5.00


78. Raymond D. Souza: Major Cuban Novelists:  Innovation and Tradition The Curators of the University of Missouri, 1976 Souza uses a new approach to study these novelists, examining thematic and technical considerations in relation to the writers' preoccupation with chaos and order.  He concludes that this preoccupation is reflected in the trend toward the fragmentation of form and use of experimental language.  (Stock ref 51) £6.00


79. Richard Tames: Lifelines 7: Henry Morton Stanley Shire Publications Ltd, 1973 This is a new series of illustrated biographies, each describing the career of a man who stamped his mark on his own age and on subsequent generations, and whose interests embraced a variety of subjects.  The authoritative text of each book is fully illustrated with engravings, photographs and reproduction of contemporary material.  'Lifelines' are produced in handsome standard format.  (Stock ref 25) £2.50


80. Richard W. Rigby: The May 30 Movement: Events and Themes Australian National University Press, 1980 The May 30 Movement of 1925 marked the beginning of a new period in the development of modern China, and demonstrated to both the Chinese and the foreignersthe unprecedented level to which nationalist feelings and ideas has risen in China.  In the course of the Movement the strengths and weaknesses of both foreign and Chinese forces were revealed.  Although the movement itself seemed to end in something of an anticlimax after the violence and bloodshed that had occured, in the long run it proved to have been an event of major significance.  (Stock ref 91) £6.00


81. Robert E. Levin: Bill Clinton: The Inside Story Shapolsky Publishers, Inc, 1992 Who is Bill Clinton?  Does he have what it takes to put America back on track for the 21st Century?Could this "Comeback Kid" from Hope, Arkansas, who rose from a broken home and financial hardship, be the president who could put America together again?  (Stock ref 42) £3.99


82. Roberto Weiss: Pisanello's Medallion Of The Emperor John VIII Palaeologus The Trustees Of The British Museum, 1966 The subject of this little handbook is wider than would be expected from its title.  Its aim is to study what is commonly believed to be the earliest cast medal of the Italian Renaissance.  But besides a detailed study of the medal itself and its background, there has also been attempt to consider the implications of this new genre; in short the aim has been to show throut it the beginnings of the Renaissance medal and its role and impact upon contemporary art, as well as the medallic technique of Pisanello and his followers.  (Stock ref 24) £1.50


83. Roger H. Harper: Victorian Architectural Competitions Mansell Publishing Limited, 1983 The architectural competition in the nineteenth century was a popular and pervasive system, ingrained in the practice or architecture, and before the era of professional qualifying examination was one of the most important ways for an architect to become known as the quality of his work appreciated.  Competitions were used to decide the designs of a wide range of buildings: public baths, banks, cemeteries, churches, corn exchanges, asylums and hospitals and houses, insitutes, libraries, markets, offices, schools, town halls and warehouses.  THere were also competitions for such curiousities as cow byres and cabman's shelters, and for such projects peripheral to architecture in its strictest sense as cricket pavillions, bridges, clock towers, drinking fountains, monuments, bandstands, and seaside piers.  (Stock ref 71) £15.00


84. Rose Tremain: Restoration Hodder and Stoughton. 1990 Set in the seventeenth century Restoration tells the story of Robet Merivel, who abandons his medical studies for the decadent Court of Charles II.  Finding favour with the King, he serves as 'paper groom' to the youngest royal mistress but then violates the rules by fallin in love with her.  Banished from court, Merivel's enforced purgatory leads to a yet more painful fall from grace before he achieves both spiritual and social restoration.  (Stock ref 98) £2.99


85. Roy Nash: Classrooms Observed Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1973 In this study - the outcome of three years' participant observation in local authority primary and secondary schools - the classroom teacher is shown to have a far greater impact upon and responsibility for his pupils than is generally admitted.  The teacher's perceptions of the children in his class are demonstrated to have a more important bearing on the pupils' attainment than the major factor of their social class.  (Stock ref 86) £2.50


86. Tad Szulc: Fidel: A Critical Portrait Hutchinson Ltd, 1987 This is the first - and only - biogrpahy of Castro written with his active co-operation.  Never before has Castro granted a biographer such extensive personal access.  At the same time. Szulc, the noted journalist who broke the Bay of Pigs story in front-page dispatches for the New York Times, has retained his absolute independence in drawing this 'Critical Portrait'.  (Stock ref 16) £14.95


87. Thackeray: The English Humourists and The Four Georges J. M Dent & Sons Ltd, 1968 Thackeray found the writing of novels 'a dreadful trade', and preferred the writing of history which he stated was 'so gentlemanly'.  Long before he embarked on these papers concerning such eighteenth-century figures as Congreve, Addison, Steele, Pope, Sterne and Goldsmith, he had shown great interest both in them and in their period.  Henry Esmond is the finest flower to come out of this association, but the papers on the humorists, who wrote some of the most enduring prose in the language, add much to our  understanding of them - for Thackeray deals with 'the men and their lives, rather than their books'.  The Four Georges brings the manners, morals, court and town life of a great period of English society  before the reader through Thackeray's graceful and rythmic prose and his expert and delightful touches of observation.  (Stock ref 56) £7.50


88. Thomas Greaves, William Culver: Miners and Mining in the Americas Manchester University Press 1985 Everything you'll need to know on mining in America.  (Stock ref 2) £0.00


89. Tony Reay/Geoffrey Hobbs: The Judo Manual Stanley Paul & Co., 1979 The first is a beginner's handbook, an introduction to the sport, it places judo in its historical context, introductions the conventions and etiquettes, covers the basic skills and follows with contests, procedures and scoring; with details of traing and fitness programmes; and diet and general health.  There is a Japanese/English glossary wtih pronunciation hints.  (Stock ref 89) £7.95


90. Tony Staveacre: The Songwriters British Broadcasting Corporation 1980 Songs reflect their times; but they can become so well known that we forget they ever had writers - or that the lives of the times in which they lived.  This book, based on the BBC1 series of the same title, looks at the careers of eight songwriters or songwriting partnerships which dominated the Britishm popular musical scene of their day.  Most of the songs will be familiar to most readers.  What has sometimes been obscure is the context in which they were written.  (Stock ref 9) £5.00


91. Toril Brekke: The Jacaranda Flower Forlaget Oktober,  1985 In prose of crystal clarity, Toril Brekke's book attempts to bridge the gulf between the forces shaping the lives of African women - such as polygamy - and Western attempts to comprehend them.  Measured, thoughtful, but containing extraordinary emotional force, they are the work of a most talented writer.  (Stock ref 57) £2.50


92. Vivian Green: A New History Of Christianity Blitz Edition, 1998 Written firmly from a historical rather than religious perspective, A New History Of Christianity is a readable yet scholarly one-volume study of Christianity from its origins to the present day.  (Stock ref 47) £17.50


93. W. B. Honey: English Glass Bracken Books 1987 A look at the history, techniques and useful information on glass in England.  (Stock ref 6) £4.50


94. W. B. Stephens: Education, Literacy And Society, 1830 - 70 Manchester University Press, 1987 This study of the level and distribution of literacy in Victorian England before the 1870 Education Act analyses a wide range of quantitative and qualitative evidence to demonstrate and explain the considerable geographical variations in school attendance and educational attainment,  Examination of every census district in provincial England and many individual towns indicated that male and female literacy levels were related primarily to local socio-economic structures.  Particularly significant were the nature and extent of child and female labour and the varying attitudes to education of employers, clergy and working class parents.  Although improvement occured everywhere, the voluntary system, it is argued, was unable to ensure universal schooling and literacy.  (Stock ref 41) £15.00


95. William Boyd: The Blue Afternoon Sinclair-Stevenson, 1993 ' Each new book by William Boyd extends and exceeds his last Brazzaville Beach confirms his place among the two or three novelists here who matter.' - Mail on Sunday'Serious provocative and itelligent, Boyd's writing is endlessly receptive to ideas and is always prepared to risk emotion.' Daily Telegraph  (Stock ref 29) £0.00


96. William Manchester: American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur 1880 - 1864 Arrow, 1979 Branded 'a counterfeit' by Harry Truman, hailed as 'our most brilliant general' by George Marshall, scorned as 'Dugout Doug' by his GIs despite thirteen decorations for heroism, Douglas MacArthur is the most controversial leader America has produced.  (Stock ref 66) £3.50


97. Xan Fielding: Best of Friends: The Brenan~Partridge Letters Chatto & Windus, 1986 Gerald Brenan and Ralph Partridge became close friends as soldiers in the trenches; and from 1919, when Brenan went to live in Spain, until Partridge's death in 1960, the two men kept up lively and almost continuous correspondence.  Writing from Ham Spray, where he lived with Lytton Strachey and Dora Carrington and after his marriage to Frances Partridge, from Tidmarsh, Partridge kept his friend posted with Bloomsbury gossip and news of the literary world; while Brenan describes in boisterous detail his domestic arrangements, his complicated love life, and the turbulent politics of Spain.  Both men were vivid and highly individual correspondents: their letters provide a fascinating insight into over forty years of private and public life.  (Stock ref 90) £14.95


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